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This free demo includes a selection of levels that will challenge your moving house skills. Enjoy the demo? Consider supporting us by grabbing the full experience on Steam!

In a world mildly inconvenienced by a lack of moving companies, you have to move house...

Radical Relocation is an absurd physics-based puzzle game that turns a sleepy neighbourhood into an insane obstacle course! You’ll need flawless planning and nerves of steel to get your belongings from A to B – while they’re stacked and balanced on the roof of your moving vehicle!

Strategically stack your luggage on the roof of your car – but be careful! If it’s not packed securely, it won’t survive the trip!

Follow the map to your new home, but take it easy on those corners! Too fast and you’ll lose everything!

Keep your eyes on the road for any obstacles – fences, trees, trains – you never know what might stand in your way. Make it to your destination in time and you win! 

Iceberg Interactive
StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorsIceberg Interactive, the-mr-matt
GenrePuzzle, Racing, Simulation, Strategy
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Cute, Funny, Physics
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Steam, Homepage, Twitter


Radical Relocation Demo V1.3.1.zip 179 MB


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An outstanding concept, love the overall aspect of the game. A game that can be fun and rage inducing at the same time, AWESOME! I wishlisted this one on Steam I'd love to try the full version and it's limitless possibilities. Here is my gameplay video (Spanish with English subtitles). 


Very good fun, but very much rage inducing! 


The soundtrack is the best part!


its compatable on windows 7 32 bits?


love dis game


Quite a difficult game yet I can see the enjoyment within it. Cool concept.

Had fun with this one although it can certainly teeter towards rage inducing at times.
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Looks interesting. But what I wanted to say: Please don't abuse itch as a demo-only platform. Once it's complete, upload the whole game to itch or don't bother. They've already partially ruined gamejolt, itch should be a legitimate alternative to big S.

Edit: Which, I see, you've already done with your other game,  Tech Support: Error Unknown.


Play meme


i really enjoyed this demo i cant wait to see what the full game has to offer with all the levels challenges and all the different cars will be interesting to see i also noticed there where even boats and helicopter i cant wait to see what you do with them. I also really enjoyed some of the physics because sometimes it was just weird which added to the charm can wait to see the final product.


^_^ I like it!

Thanks! ^_^

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This game is incredible, I can't wait for the full thing! I started a series of multiple demo games in one video and this one is in it! Check it out here if you're interested!


This is such a cool game, i cannot wait for the full release! Despite it being super tedious, annoying and frustrating, it worked me into all sorts of anger but was still able to complete the demo! Great work! :D Game play is below if interested :)

It feels like the strong suit should be driving around and things falling off and causing mayhem, but all I've experienced so far is meticulious planning followed by very slow speed failure after a few seconds driving - then back to the drawing board. Maybe a score system that rewards more points for arriving with more stuff, but still lets you lose some things?

Thanks for your feedback! Right now, an upgrade system is in the works that will allow you to get a little crazier with things, like ropes to attach something to your car, etc.


Game looks chaotic & fun. I'll try it whenever I get around to it.

<3 Let us know what you think when you do!



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I added it to wishlist


༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 💖


Iceberg and Winglett Teams: this was such an enjoyable demo. You've cultivated a delightful balance between careful strategy, panic driving and hilarious ridiculousness. I can't wait for more cars, more courses and more modes of transportation!

My only small gripe: the stacking controls were a little jumpy, but I almost see that as a positive, adding to the absurdity.
Cheers - this is going to be a smash!


Thanks for the love and feedback! Means a lot <3


I had a devil of a time playing one stage in this demo, but Radical Relocation still seems like it'll be a fun time with puzzles when it comes out. I'm definitely curious to see how it plays with helicopters carrying things around.

Good job, devs.

Helicopters are just sky-cars, so we should be golden. Great video!


Can't even beat the second level!.


We believe in you!


Hi everyone! We're super excited to show you Radical Relocation, our zany physics-based furniture-stacking puzzle game! It's headed into Steam Early Access soon-ish, but before that, there's a demo we'd love for you to try!

If you have any feedback, you can leave it in the comments, or on our Discord.


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